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We are a family business with more than forty years experience of service to lacemakers.

It was in 1975 that Denis John Hornsby, enjoying his hobby of woodturning in retirement, responded to a request from Eunice Arnold for 'some lace bobbins'. The quality of his turned work was widely appreciated and, at a time when people were re-discovering the pleasure of making lace by hand, Denis became a full-time bobbin-maker and supplier of lace-making equipment.

Denis' son, Bill, joined the business in 1983, developing his own style of fine woodturning, and by 1985 seven members of our family were involved in 'D J Hornsby Lacemaking', travelling the country to attend Lace Days, producing and mailing equipment to more than 57 countries worldwide. The success of the business, however, meant that less time was available for woodturning. Denis' last bobbins were turned a few weeks before his death in 1993 and Mercy welcomed her last customer to the house just three weeks before her death in May 2009. The fourth generation of our family became involved in 2012 when five-year old Joe learned to make lace during his half-term holiday.

Examples of Bill's Turned Bobbins

Examples of Bill's turned bobbins are illustrated above. Click Here for more illustrations and further information.

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Happy Lacemaking!


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